About artist

Leonid Plekhanov is a Russian artist with a developed, authentic and recognizable style, yet he continues to experiment with his painting technique to create an emotional interaction between his painting and the viewer.

His experimental approach is based on both artistic and scientific background: Leonid earned a Masters of Science in applied physics and mathematics (MIPT), and studied academic painting and drawing (Imperial Academy of Arts, iconography school), but he’s still able to balance that ability to develop each new piece as if he has never painted before. It gives Leonid a life experience each time that keeps him alert and aware when he is painting.

Leonid Plekhanov is an award-winning Russian artist who combines a traditional and academic Russian art school background with contemporary techniques, while pursuing a specific vision of the role of art and artist. “I am standing for the idea that [the] artist is responsible for how his art affects the viewer,” he says. “But you never can hide yourself in the painting—you are always there, between the brushstrokes, whether you want this or not. Therefore, my belief is that one must develop [themselves] as a person first, if he/she wants to develop as an artist.”

American Art Collector, November 2019 Edition

Leonid’s art is about capturing beauty of the human being and human forms in connection with the nature. “Things which surround us directly affect the way of thinking and living,” Leonid says, – “I believe in the better future for all of us, and my art is my way to contribute to it.”

Leonid is a member of Artists Trade Union of Russia, and was also added to the United Register of the Professional Artists of the Russian Empire, the USSR, Russian emigration, Russian Federation and the republics of former Soviet Union (XVIII–XXI centuries).


  • 2019 — Best Water in the 2019 PleinAir Salon June/July competition (9th Annual PleinAir Salon Competition) for the painting The Source
  • 2019 — Finalist of the 14th International ARC Salon Competition
  • 2019 — Annual Finalist (Top-25) for the 8th Annual PleinAir Salon Art Competition from PleinAir Magazine! (for the painting Worlds of childhood)
  • 2019 — Finalist in the March 2019 BoldBrush Painting Competition for the painting Anne
  • 2018 — Best Oil in the 2018 PleinAir Salon April/May competition for the painting Worlds of childhood


2019: Repin Art Institute (Russian Academy of Arts), Saint Petersburg, Russia — Summer School Program on Academic Painting and Drawing

2018-2019: Iconography and Academic drawing in ‘Dionysius’ Iconography school under supervision of Moscow Theological Academy, Moscow, Russia

1999-2005: Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT), Department of Physical and Quantum Electronics, Master of Science

In the studio